Buy Dibutylone (bk-DMBDB) Online

Molecular Formula:C13H17NO3


Average mass:235.28 g/mol

Application: for research


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Dibutylone (also called bk-DMBDB) is a stimulant drug of the amphetamine, phenethylamine, and cathinone drug classes. These types of drugs feature a phenethylamine core with an alkyl group attached to the alpha carbon. Furthermore, a ketone group is attached to the beta carbon.
Cathinone occurs naturally in the plant khat, the leaves of which are often chewed as a recreational drug. Also,it is structurally related to butylone. buy dibutylone online or order dibutylone online. buy tko extracts

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Nature of DiButylone

It is a synthetic cathinone derivative, with allegedly stimulant properties. DiButylone is the N-methyl analogue of butylone (bk-MBDB), and it is also an structural isomer (more specifically, skeletal/ chain isomer) of pentylone. buy dibutylone online
Like many beta ketone substituted cathinone derivatives, the powder is bright white, fluffy and voluminous. 100mg of this looks like a full gram of amphetamine. It has a curious acrid-citrus smell that is closely associated with the fluoridated amphetamines. order dibutylone online

User Experience

Dibutylone acts as a psychedelic drug that can provide stimulation to user. You will find instant relief from any mental pressure that you are in . Also, will experience a level of clarity of mind set that you would never have experienced before. Thus, it is a perfect replacement for butylone which has gone illegal. buy dibutylone online
Dibutylone features a very small amount of time of human use. buy research chemicals online

Tentative and unverifiable online reports show that the compound features a mild stimulatory effect. It should not be coupled with alcohol or other substances. You need to note the cathinone series has chance of abuse. The majority of the compounds cause users to compulsively re-dose. Caution needs to be taken regarding dose. order dibutylone online. buy stiiizy pen online


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