ChemSpider ID: 26949655
Formula: C14H19NO3
ChemSpider ID: 26949655
PubChem CID: 57359308
Molar mass: 249.310 g·mol−1


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BK-EBDP (ephylone)

Ephylone passes the formal and systematic IUPAC name (benzo[d][1,3]dioxo1-5-y1)-2-(ethylamino)pentan-1-one, posseses an empirical molecular formula C14H19NO3 plus a molar mass of 250 grams. Ephylone which passes what they’re known as BK-Ethyl-K and BK-EBDP can be a chemical within the class substituted cathinones.  buy BK-EBDP online

It is associated with a wave of substituted cathinones which have emerged lately that there are little info on individuals to drink. Ephylone could be the N-methyl analogue in the cathinone pentylone. order bk-ebdp online

The substituted cathinones certainly are a chemical series that have stimulatory psychoactive effects in humans. Their defining characterisitics certainly are a phenethylamine backbone by getting an alkyl substituent within the alpha carbon close to the nitrogen plus a ketone within the beta carbon. bk-ebdp for sale

Each one has a structural resemblance to cathinone that’s a natural plant based chemical located in the ethnobotanical drug Khat created in the leaf of Catha edulis native to the horn of Africa. Khat features a extended good status to be used in this region. The leaf is chewed to create the active alkaloids developing a mild and enjoyable stimulatory effect, feelings of a person’s and talkativeness and markedly hidden appetite.

Most likely the favourite and broadly mistreated derivatives of cathinone is mephedrone also referred to as 4 MMC. It acquired recognition at any time of accelerating shortages of quality MDMA just like a chemical that could produce feelings of pleasure, empathy and stimulation similar to street drugs °Ecstasy ± and cocaine. order bk-ebdp research chemical. tko extracts

Pentylone, someone else within the cathinone family, functions just like a serotonin-norepinepherine-dopamine reuptake inhibitor and mild serotonin releasing agent. Due to the structural similarity of pentylone to ephylone as well as the dearth of quality more knowledge about ephylone it’s worth outlining the characteristics of pentylone who’ve similar effects. order research chemical

Everybody in the cathinone class become norephedrine reuptake inhibitors. Individual individuals from the category vary inside their inclination towards either serotonin or dopamine reuptake inhibition. Further with this many people in the class will probably release monoamines than these.

As an example, mephedrone can be a more powerful serotonin reuptake inhibitor and may release serotonin in the fashion such as the party drug MDMA. Pentylone and 4 MEC in comparison hinder reuptake of three monoamines to have an equal degree and releases serotonin more weakly.

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Ephylone/ BK-Ethyl-K/ BK-EBDP differs in structure from pentylone through getting an ethyl as opposed to the methyl substituent within the nitrogen. Both compounds have a very dioxymethyl group fused for the benzene ring plus a propyl alkyl chain substituted within the alpha position. Yet you need to observe that even small modifications in structure may have huge outcomes of chemicals at binding sites. bk-ebdp powder for sale

Human toxicological, physiological and medicinal data for ephylone is not available. It isn’t really been tested on rats which is binding affinities in vivo are untested. You’ll find handful of online reports helpful and so on reports aren’t verifiable. They suggest ephylone results in a mild stimulatory effect. Therefore this is often a highly novel chemical entity with no reliable scientific information printed relating to this. buy BK-EBDP online


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