About Us

About Us

Welcome to Purealpharmacenter Shop. We source our Research chemicals locally and Internationally produced manufacturers and deliver straight to you. With 9 years Research chemical sale Experience we can give you expert advice on all your  needs. We Provide Efficient and Friendly Service with 

Fast Delivery.
Being a leader in the Research Chemicals industry, Purepharmacenter has made life much easier by giving our customer the option to purchase Chemicals supplies wholesale at highly competitive prices. Located In Istanbul, Purepharmacenter offers customers the option to purchase Research Chemicals supply from anywhere around Europe and Worldwide!

Our mission at Purepharmacenter (Ltd) is to provide an easy to use online website where you can securely browse and purchase a wide range of Research Chemical products.We also take orders for products not displayed on our website. If you are searching for any Research Chemical Product and you can’t find them on our website just leave a message with your specifications and we will make it available for you.

What we Supply:

Pure Research Chemicals


Purepharmacenter is the right place to get all your Research Chemicals at the best prices.

Numbers speak for themselves!

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