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3-FPM / 3-fluorophenmetrazine – info about this unexplored upper – Research Chemicals

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3-FPM / 3-Fluorophenmetrazine – Potent Upper & Phenmetrazine Analog


3-FPM / 3-fluorophenmetrazine is an upper (or stimulant) that has been sold online as a research chemical or designer drug since 2014 .
It is one of the new psychoactive substances and materially belongs to the phenethylamines.

This substance is a substitute for phenmetrazine. The latter was previously sold as an appetite suppressant by pharmaceutical companies, but the approval was then withdrawn.buy 3-fpm For sale Online

3-fluorophenmetrazine is considered to be a milder stimulant, which is said to cause slightly fewer side effects than other comparable substances.

  • Other names : PAL-593
  • IUPAC : 2- (3-fluorophenyl) -3-methylmorpholines
  • Molecular formula : C11H14FNO
  • Molecular mass : 195.24 g / mol

There is very little information on this substance!
Hardly any testimonials from consumers and certainly no scientific treatises.
Accordingly, consumption is an unpredictable risk, possible toxic effects may go undetected.
We strongly advise against taking it!
The following information is a collection of information taken from 3-FPM reports. We cannot guarantee the correctness and recommend everyone to consult further sources.


3-FPM acts as a dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine secretion.

The affinity for the receptors of 3-FPM is (as compared to phenmetrazine, methylphenidate and dextroamphetmaine) as follows:

serotonin25587765> 1000n / A

This statement does not allow one hundred percent conclusions to be drawn about the effect, but a tendency can certainly be determined in this way.

Legal status of 3-FPM

So far, this substance has only been banned in Sweden and Switzerland.
In Germany it is not subject to the BtMG.

Since this is an amphetamine, 3-FPM falls under the German NPS law!

Solubility of 3-fluorophenmetrazine

Exact information about the solubility of this substance does not yet exist.

However, it is readily water-soluble.

50mg 3-FPM can be dissolved in 1ml of water with only a low temperature supply.

3-FPM effect

The effects and side effects given here are all very subjective and are perceived differently by each person.
Not all of them always have to occur and there may be other, unmentioned effects. (Then we would appreciate a comment on this!)
These lists should not serve as a guarantee, but as a guide.

  • Stimulation (stimulating, stimulating)
  • Appetite suppressant (less than amphetamine)
  • Increased sex drive, aphrodisiac
  • Motivation, performance and concentration increase
  • Very slightly euphoric (subjectively less than amphetamine or cocaine)
  • Egopush (increased self-confidence)
  • Disinhibition and urge to speak
  • empathy
  • Aphrodisiac – increase sexual desire and delay in orgasm

The stimulating effects are classified by most consumers as less than that of amphetamine or cocaine.
3-FPM is considered a pretty good work drug because you are not overstimulated and there is still an increase in motivation.
The aphrodisiac effect is emphasized again and again, it seems to be comparatively very pronounced.

Side effects and risks

It is a hardly researched substance!
Nothing was known about the human consumption of 3-phenmetrazine before the substance was sold as a research chemical in 2014.
There can be unpredictable long-term damage and side effects, which is why it is strongly advised not to consume it.

The side effects can be greatly reduced by adhering to reasonable dosages.

You should not refill often, one or two times is still fine, but each subsequent refill drastically increases the side effects and the hangover the next day.

  • Quite high addiction potential
  • Increase in heart rate (lower than amphetamine)
  • dehydration
  • Narrowing of the blood vessels
  • Anxiety possible, up to psychotic phases (drug psychosis)
  • Insomnia (but less than comparable stimulants)
  • Craving, so greed for the substance (that’s why it is often refilled)
  • Hangover the day after the intoxication with symptoms such as depression, bad mood and exhaustion.
  • Cramp threshold drops
  • Dizziness and circulatory problems
  • Sweaty hands and sweating
  • a headache
  • Sexual dysfunction possible
  • Dilation of the pupils
  • Gnashing of teeth and jaw cramps (“jaw”, “jaw kicks”, “mouth goulash”)

The addiction potential, like other stimulants, is quite high.
This substance can be easily integrated into everyday life, which means that consumers end up quickly with very regular consumption.
Over time, this can lead to psychoses, physical complaints, burns of the mucous membranes and more.

Craving is comparatively high and is compared to MDPV by some consumers in this regard.

Nothing is known about toxicity, according to some user reports, this substance should not feel very toxic and there have been no reports of health problems with reasonable doses and rare, irregular use.
Of course, this is not a guarantee, damage may only occur after several months or even years!

With excessive doses and prolonged long-term consumption, seizures have already occurred for some consumers!

To counteract dehydration and prevent damage to the kidneys, drink enough (about 250-500ml water per hour)! buy 3-fpm For sale Online

Forms of consumption / application routes

Nasal consumption is quite widespread, however, this substance burns the nose clearly and this form of consumption is therefore not recommended.
It is best to fill the desired dosage of the substance into an empty capsule (click) and swallow it:

There are very few reports of intravenous, inhaled or rectal use, but intravenous seems to work as well. (Most addictive and harmful form of consumption!)

3-fluorophenmetrazine dose / dosage

These doses are only an approximate guide.
It must be started with an allergy test and a very low dose!
More safer use rules can be found here.


  • First effects from : 5-10mg
  • Light effect : 10-25mg
  • Normal : 25-50mg
  • Strong : 50-70mg
  • Very strong : 70mg +


  • First effects : 5-10mg
  • Light effect : 10-20mg
  • Normal : 20-35mg
  • Strong : 35-50mg
  • Very strong : 50mg +

In the case of intravenous or inhalation use, the dose is significantly lower; for rectal use, the same dose specifications apply as for nasal use. buy 3-fpm For sale Online

3-FPM action time


  • Onset of action : 20-45 minutes
  • Main effect : 4-8 hours
  • Afterglow : 3-6 hours


  • Onset of action : 5-10 minutes
  • Main effect : 3-6 hours
  • Afterglow : 2-5 hours

Mixed consumption of 3-FPM & dangerous combinations

Mixed consumption is basically a drastic increase in risk.
You have to be thoroughly informed about each individual combination beforehand and search for experience reports, as there can always be dangerous interactions.

  • Other stimulants : Mixed use of various stimulants is potentially dangerous, as blood pressure and heart rate increase significantly and side effects such as dehydration are increased.
  • 25X-NBOMe, 25x-NBF & co. : The amphetamine analogues of psychedelic phenethylamines such as 25x-NBOMe, 25x-NBF etc. are stimulating and stimulating in themselves and have a strong effect on heart rate and blood pressure.
    Mixing stimulants with these psychedelics is life-threatening !!
  • Psychedelics : Other psychedelics can also lead to complications with blood pressure and circulation when mixed with stimulants.
    The psychological side is also not to be underestimated, as the upper paranoia intensify and increase the risk of a bad trip.
  • DXM / MXE : Mixed use of DXM with stimulants can be very dangerous. Blood pressure and heart rate are increased and here too there can be psychological problems (panic attacks, bad trip).
  • Alcohol : Greatly increased dehydration! The effect of alcohol is suppressed by this new psychoactive substance, which is why it can no longer be estimated whether too much is being drunk.
    This can lead to overdose, which can be life-threatening.
  • Tramadol : Tramadol is serotonergic, just like 3-fluorophenmetrazine, which is why this combination can lead to a life-threatening serotonin syndrome!
  • Kratom & other opioids : The cramp threshold is greatly reduced when mixed.
  • MDMA. Methylon & other serotonergic upper : The neurotoxic effects of MDMA can be increased. Since 3-FPM is a serotonergic substance, there is a risk of life-threatening serotonin syndrome when mixed with MDMA and other serotonergic substances !!
  • MAO inhibitors : Caution, potentially fatal combination!
  • Downer : The combination of uppers and downers (such as benzodiazepines, opioids, alcohol & GBL) can lead to dangerous circulatory stress.
    Heart rate and blood pressure can be increased.
    In addition, the sedative component of the downer is suppressed, which is why an overdose can easily occur because the consumer can no longer assess how strong the effect of the downer is and he may therefore refill it. buy 3-fpm For sale Online

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